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Gävleborg has a fiber optics and broadband research and development center in Hudiksvall. Two key organizations are Fiber Optic Valley and the research institute Acreo Fiber Optics, which promote close cooperation between business and academia.



Acreo Fiber Optics

Acreo is one of Europe's top research institutes that works with business, academia and society to provide cutting-edge research within the fields of electronics, optics and communication technologies. In Hudiksvall, Acreo has particular focus on optical fibers, fiber optics, communications technologies, and broadband testbeds. The Hudiksvall facility is uniquely equipped for the research, development, and production of advanced optical fibers and preforms. The laboratory is also housing a National Broadband Testbed (a full scale, live network, used as a testing platform for novel technologies and services) and Acreo Fiber Optic Center (a national competence center in fiber optics). Acreo is part of Swedish ICT Research.

Fibre Optic Valley – Connecting Ideas. Creating business.

Fiber Optic Valley is an organization based in Hudiksvall that works to make Sweden the world leader in the development of broadband and fiber optic sensor products and services. Such technology is the foundation for virtually all modern information technology and constitutes a dynamic and rapidly growing industry. Fiber Optic Valley has also expertise in innovative leadership and gender management.

Fiber Optic Valley’s core business is to assist the growth of local and global companies by providing research, training, financing, contacts and business development combined with a unique test environment for technical tests and behavioral science studies.