Forest Industry & Wood Products

The region’s well-developed and diverse forest industry is built on good access to high quality timber and virgin fiber, state-of-the-art processes, and world-class industrial expertise. The industry includes the entire chain from forest to pulp, paper, packaging, wood products and excellent logistical infrastructure to deliver goods to regional or global markets.
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forest industry, wood products, timber and virgin fiber

Advanced Manufacturing

Gävleborg has a long tradition of nurturing and sustaining various world-leading advanced manufacturing industries. These include the steel and paper industries, which continuously evolve their state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing processes to deliver the highest quality products possible. Gävleborg is also home to high-technology niche advanced manufacturing.
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advanced manufacting including steel and paper industries

Information Communication Technologies (ICT)

Sweden was the first European country in the world to deploy 4G mobile communications technology, and topped a new global index evaluating the state of the web in 61 countries in 2012. Gävleborg has specialist ICT competence and research environments in the areas of GIS (Geographical Information Systems), fiber optics and industrial IT, and the region offers excellent locations for data centers.
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ICT mobile communications, GIS, fiber optics and industrial IT


Clean Technology

Gävleborg is home to world-leading innovative clean technology companies, which operate in the areas of biogas, bio energy, waste management, wind energy, energy efficiency and electric vehicles.
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biogas, bio energy, waste management, wind energy, energy efficiency and electric vehicles


With its wealth of unspoilt natural environments and cultural heritage, Gävleborg has significant tourism growth potential. Tourism has developed into one of the fastest growing industries in Gävleborg and accounts for a turnover of about SEK 2.5 billon a year. However, great opportunities still exist for tourism-related investments that meet the demand for accommodation, nature and cultural pursuits, and children’s activities.
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tourism and traveling in gävleborg

Creative Industries

Gävleborg’s rich cultural heritage and creative environments have encouraged the creation and establishment of vibrant creative industries. The region is home to many creative entrepreneurs that work in areas such as film, digital media, 3D animation and music.
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creative industries such as film, digital media, 3D animation and music